Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Post-partum wardrobe

Definitely not my work wardrobe

10 weeks...postpartum
Apart from being nervous about leaving Noah to go to work next week, I've been worrying about what I'll wear since my wardrobe for the last 10 weeks has consisted of nothing but pajama and sweat pants and maternity casual clothing. Anything remotely tight around my midsection was uncomfortable either due to sore abdominal muscles or my incision area.

Recently, in the past 2-3 weeks, I've been able to wear leggings again and last weekend I tried on a pair of size 4 Lulu Lemons that have been hanging in the closet for a year and they weren't terrible! I'm still about 5-10 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight which I'm not at all complaining about but my body shape is just different. Up until this week, none of my non-maternity dress pants were close to fitting. While I was pregnant, I let most of my work shirts get stretched out to get the most wear out of them. I planned on buying a new work wardrobe post-baby rather than buying new maternity pieces that I wouldn't wear again.

Right now, a new work wardrobe isn't in the budget but I did need some new pieces to wear since many of the ones I own still don't fit. Also, my new work environment is more business attire than my old workplace which was more business casual. Thankfully the summer at my new workplace is more relaxed so I can get away with business casual for a few months.  I'm planning on using most of the clothes I have in my closet and slowly replacing them over time as my body continues to change and things get worn.

As a thank you/going away gift, I received an $100 gift card for Mark's Work Wearhouse from my old boss. I was able to get a few pieces of clothing on sale or clearance so that I have enough items to mix and match with my existing wardrobe and make it through the summer months at work. Shopping at this point didn't make me feel great about myself. A lot of the pants and dresses didn't fit nicely or were very unflattering around my stomach. I also had to think about ease of pumping/breastfeeding. I had the most success with tighter shirts and cardigans but did buy a pair of black capris with a stretchy waist. I'm fairly happy with the few items I bought. I'll be able to definitely wear the cardigans long after my baby weight is gone and I plan to make accessories my best friend to feel more attractive and put together.

New work clothes (approx. $90)


Kelsey said...

You look great! And your new pieces look really versatile. Dressing for work is tough when your body is in transition. You don't want to buy too much but at the same time you want to look professional. I have definitely also been going through trying to embrace my new body. Clothes used to fit so perfectly and now I have to be more discerning and try on a few sizes to get the right fit.

Stephanie Hayes said...

You look amazing! I definitely know what you mean about the belly though and just having a different body. I have tried on a few different dresses and all of a sudden they don't look good. What the what? I wasn't expecting this. It's tough to find something work appropriate and nursing/pumping/baby life. I have four weddings this summer and I'm hoping to contain myself in the two dresses I picked up at the thrift store without leaking or boobs or buts exploding out of them as I try to take photos. Good luck at the new job!

Amanda said...

I think you look wonderful! Thank you for showing pictures - having kids is on my horizon and I really appreciate your honesty. :) Does your caption of $90 mean you didn't spend anything out of pocket, it was covered by the gift card? (That would be awesome!)

Kristy said...

Thanks ladies - the high waisted Lulu Lemons at least one size too small definitely help keep the post baby belly contained. After my first I took all my dress pants from pre-baby to a seamstress to get taken in - SO much cheaper than buying new. I was a couple sizes smaller post baby (miraculously). I may just bite the bullet and buy some items if I need them and do the same so I can keep wearing them.

Amanda - YES! $90 on the gift card. No money spent out of pocket. I was pretty happy.