Friday, May 16, 2014


Here in Ontario, Victoria Day long weekend is kind of the pre-kick off to summer. It is the first weekend that many people go camping or open their cottage.

We've been spoiled with some temps in the high teens and low 20s. The trampoline is up in our backyard and the big boys have been playing outside a ton with their new outdoor toys they received for their birthdays. There has been lots of bike riding, scootering, skateboarding and skipping. Allergies are in full swing and washing up for dinner actually requires some scrubbing. Last weekend R took the big boys up to the trailer for the evening for a certain 3 year old's birthday. They ate hot dogs and got out in the canoe. B even got to try his hand at paddling.

I had my 6 week appointment with the doctor who did my cesarean yesterday and everything checked out. Aside from some mild soreness when anything touches my abdomen which I'm told could take 2-3 months to subside, I am feeling much better. Next week I meet with the specialist about having my stent removed. Things are looking up!


Mo said...

YAY! so glad everything is looking good from your 6 week appt!!

This weather has been so nice eh, we've been out in the backyard lots too! Nice to finally feel the warmth of the sun again.

Kristy said...

Was totally enjoying it until the allergies took over :( We've been reduced to a household of sniffles and sneezes