Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The walls are still bare.. but we're otherwise ready.

Blanket on the side of the crib was a gift from a friend at work, along with the bear on the left. Assembly of stuffed animals on the right are selections by the boys for their baby brother from their own collections.

Baby clothes and car seat are washed.

Hospital bag was packed on the weekend - some things that went in are pictured above.

I'm still batch cooking and baking to stow away food for when the baby arrives but I've officially got a few meals ready to go so if the baby came, we'd be covered. No pictures of the homemade freezer meals but I have a family size portion each of the following: frozen hamburgers, spaghetti sauce, and shepherds pie. I also have frozen single serve portions of chicken noodle soup, quiche, and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and cranberry/blueberry muffins. The single serves I plan on taking with me to the hospital along with some fruit so I don't get stuck with a day old sandwich in the middle of the night after labour with nowhere open to get food. With the freezer meals, I have a few other easy meals planned like grocery store take-out chicken dinner that DH could grab on the way home from work. The goal is to not have to really worry about dinners for a week after the baby comes.

As for the budget. I said before we spent most of the money on painting the nursery. The only other things I bought were diapers, wipes, and a crib sheet - oh and one pair of maternity pants on clearance at Thyme ($22) since my work wardrobe was getting slim a couple months ago. So in total, less than $300 was spent on preparations for baby #3 and we could've really spent less on the painting if we wanted.

Anytime after Saturday little man.

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