Sunday, August 25, 2013

Month 10: Debt Repayment Update and Back to School

This month marks the end of our extra summer costs for our summer vacation getaway,  my professional fees, and additional childcare expenses for the summer holiday. This month we're down $470 which leaves:


I'm setting high hopes for next month. I want to pay down at least $1000 which is about double what we've been paying down on the principal for the last two months but totally do-able without the added expenses the summer brought. 

I haven't gone crazy back to school shopping for B this year. He still has a backpack, lunch bag, thermos, water bottle, and containers from last year. His existing wardrobe is pretty good and only needs a few things to supplement for the Fall. Up until this point we've always received a bunch of hand me downs from friends with boys a year older than B but two friends who weren't planning on having more kids recently had second baby boys so I'm not expecting the hand me downs to keep flowing. At this point, I have been finding it hard to find the larger sizes in thrift stores. The selection is usually poor and the clothing is well worn. A few things I did buy this year were on sale but I haven't really been finding very many good sales lately. Here is what we got:

- Sonic the Hedgehog Graphic Tee - for wearing under a sweatshirt ($5 - Walmart Clearance)
- Pair of blue jeans ($5 - Walmart Clearance)
- Two long-sleeved tees ($10 - Joe Fresh Sale)
- Package of 2 boxer briefs ($5 - Marshalls)
- Haircut ($10 incl. tip with $2 Off Coupon)

Things he still needs (budgeted amounts):

- Pair of indoor and outdoor shoes ($20 & $35) - I am willing to pay a bit more for the outdoors since B spends a ton of time outside on his bike, scootering, at the playground, and puttering around the backyard. The indoors I usually get from Payless.- Pair of fall pajamas ($10) - waiting on a good deal for these. We are still wearing summer pjs at this point and have two pairs of pjs with pants. 

Looks like I'll be spending about $100 this year on back to school which I don't think is too bad. I've also been reminding myself that he doesn't need EVERYTHING for before he goes back to school. I think as parents we forget this and opt for buying it all at once which is harder on the wallet.  For the first few weeks he will still likely be wearing shorts to school. 

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