Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Check-in

Seems fitting to do a check in with my 2012 goals I set out in January. Here is how I have been doing!

  • I want to continue to eliminate clutter from our lives and improve our financial security. I got a job! I started on Monday. It is in my field, 15 minutes away, and pays decently. So far I'm totally loving the work which is challenging and the people are so nice. Though the job is contract, it looks promising that it could turn into a permanent position. I think we are well on our way in terms of meeting this goal. In light of this new job, I also reworked our budget which I am hoping to share (eep!) with the world soon!  

  • Continue to find meaningful ways to give back to my community. I feel like I have gone above and beyond my own expectations in this area. With all I have on the go between now and next Spring, I think I will ease back a little on my community commitments. 

  • Immerse myself in my thesis research and give it my all. YES! I am furiously trying to clean up my research proposal and secure an advisor. All of this will be done in the next couple of weeks and then I'm into actually doing the research. I wanted to do meaningful work and I think I have pretty much nailed that since my research is going to be heavily based on the community in which I live. I guess this will further contribute to my previous goal.  

  • Cherish the little things - The daily bests journal is back on. I really like it. B went to kindergarten today and absolutely loved it. I'm so happy I got to drop him off and I called him this afternoon to see how it went. I've also been spending extra time with the boys. Usually I am out a couple of nights/week but since DH is away on a 10-day trip with his dad, I cleared my schedule and have spent lots more time with the boys in the evenings and on the weekend. I even took B to the Canadian National Exhibition last weekend, while my sister watched N, and he had an absolute blast. 

  • Act on the fact that "life is short". I have been spending a lot time with friends lately and I'm really happier for it. I've also been making an effort to put aside other work and technology and just focus on family time when I'm with the family. I really notice a difference in the quality of time spent together. And finally, I have been making time for the things that make me happy. Scheduling them in  so they are obligations rather than nice-to-do things. 

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