Sunday, September 25, 2011


Could it be? Could we be finally settling into a ROUTINE?

Ever since N was born, things in the way of routine have been a little outta whack...especially in the way of naps.

B is getting to the age where he can manage (sometimes) without a nap but then other times - like when we have exciting places to go such as..oh to see the Lion King 3D - he needs a nap.

N has never been much of a long napper or a napper at all. He's always way too interested in what his brother is doing. So much so that I sometimes have to ask B to leave the room while I'm feeding N.

WELL. I have perhaps found the solution to both dilemmas:

A short one hour nap in the afternoon takes the grumpies away from B and he still goes to bed easily at night by 8pm.

Two crib naps for N does the trick for him which has led to longer nighttime sleeps! He is so good for me these days allowing me to lay him in the crib awake and he happily rolls over himself and goes to sleep without protest.

Finding a routine that works for both children has been a real challenge since they both have such different needs. I constantly find it to be a balancing act to figure out what is in the best interest of each child individually, as well as for the family collectively. Also, sometimes all B needs is a little one on one time. He loves riding his bike with training wheels alongside dad on the rollerblades. He was also tickled that I took him out to see his first movie at the theatre on Friday. Another one of his favourites..sitting by the fire in the backyard with mom and dad and roasting marshmallows after little brother has gone to bed.

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