Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Great Regression

So far so good! I'm happy to say that I'm getting the hang of this pumping on the go thing and would highly recommend the Avent hand pump for occasional pumping on the go.

I've been trying to pump every 3-4 hours while I'm away which means I don't have to pump much and it coincides with natural breaks like lunch, class breaks, etc. Thank god I'm not gone 5 days/week. Although I am able to pump a decent amount, it still isn't enough to fully cover the time I'm gone.

There seems to be a regression trend in my household this week. Yesterday N decided to go into formula acceptance regression. We thought we'd found one he'd eat after an unsuccessful run with an "allergy sensitive formula". After he had motored through the milk I left (as he usually does), my sister offered him formula. He became hysterical and refused to take any of the formula for the rest of the time I was away but happily ate some rice cereal. Luckily I've been pumping like mad and he shouldn't have to have the formula today while I'm away. I guess I'll have to try harder!

B is going through a bit of toilet training regression and has been having accidents all week at night and during the day. He was sleeping on his top bunk which he was thrilled about, however after a couple accidents, we've had to move him back to the bottom so he can make it to the bathroom in time in the middle of the night.

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