Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Re-Evaluating What is Important to Us.

As suggested by my last post.. I have been going through a crazy nesting phase as of late and have the extreme urge to purge..well my whole house. Days have been spent sorting. Baby items...kitchen items...linnen closet..bathroom vanity. I have also been posting a number of things for sale on Kijiji and having some success with that. Extra days that I have now without going to school or working gives me this little bit of extra time for which I am grateful.

Throughout the process, my budget has also gone under scrutiny and become tightened. I think in the impending arrival of another addition to the family this Spring, it has forced me to re-examine our lifestyle and values. I think a constant theme in my past few posts has been slowing down. And now, I really am. In a few short months I will be back at home, away from working...away from school... fully immersed once again in family life and community life as I will still have a couple of volunteer projects and activities that I will be involved in.

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