Monday, January 10, 2011

On Decluttering

Photo Credit: Miss Minimalist

Lately I have felt a real need to declutter my life. I'm beginning to feel trapped in my belongings. This desire has come along with my graduate school aspirations to do ethnographic research which would mean living in another place for a period of time. Consequently, I wouldn't be able to bring all the stuff I (we - husband included - although he has far less "stuff" than I) have accumulated over the past 6 years in various apartments and our current house.

Also, with a new babe coming this Spring. It only seems fitting to do some "spring cleaning" while sorting through all of B's old stuff in storage and since moving him into his Big Boy room. It also feels like I have so much more time on my hands since taking a leave from school this Winter.

It feels nice to let things go - freeing really. This weekend I sold our old dining room hutch which was taking up space amongst our new furniture, along with a mantel clock we've had kicking around but sadly no mantel to place it on. Although I loved the hutch - I felt no remorse when it went out the door.

I keep telling myself - only the essentials but alas it is a process. I'm very into this website on the topic.

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