Friday, June 4, 2010


This diet has been less than desirable for the palette. I'm hoping an eventful weekend might take my mind off it. In good news. It seems the antibiotics and medicated creams are helping my eczema - no surprise there.. sigh. The itchiness is unbearable sometimes. Only pharmaceuticals offer quick relief. I have noticed a digestion improvement on this diet. I am enjoying a lot more herbal tea these days and missing coffee less than I thought I would - I have subbed in green tea in its place.

Today I thought I'd post on 5 senses - something borrowed from another blogger I religiously follow :)

Feeling - hopeful after a very productive week. I am starting to feel like my transition to grad school for the Fall won't be quite as overwhelming as I've felt it would be for the past few weeks. Come Fall I will be a full-time grad school student, working part-time still in my current job (3 days/week) and working an additional 10 hours/week as a Graduate Assistant doing some sort of research at the university.

Tasting - seed and feed. Is this what it would be like to be a bird? Nearly everything I eat on this diet is dry and tasteless. Most of all I miss breads/potato/sauces/soy. I must find some delicious alternatives.

Seeing - growth. The little one is growing so quickly. Many of my seedlings are also growing rapidly. I have been experiencing much personal growth too these days. I love spring.

Hearing - protesting. An opinionated little boy protesting bedtime and trying to bargain with daddy.

Smelling - hemp oil. This stuff is seriously doing wonders for my eczema on my hands. The scent is also quite soothing.

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