Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 Things

(Photo Courtesy of the Hubby's Last Fishing Trip)

This awesome weather we've been having lately has definately been a breathy of fresh air. When SouleMama did a 10 things post over on her blog I just had to jump on board. Ten things bringing me joy lately:

1) Brendan giggling as we push him in a friend's hammock

2) Our delicious CSA weekly baskets

3) The prospect of a finished closet and patch of wall in the kitchen - after 2 years my husband will be drywalling both of these neglected places in our house

4) Book reading

5) Epsom salt baths by candlelight and red wine with my love

6) Discovering new lovely blogs

7) The ever approaching 4 day weekends I have for July and August - I rearranged my schedule to work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

8) Ripe strawberries

9) More quality time with my family

10) Brendan's preschool pot luck

What about you???

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