Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

There were plenty of new developments this Easter. Brendan sprouted a second tooth and the first one is growing like mad. He climbed his first stair at my mom's house and he started blowing bubbles into the water during his bath today.He was spoiled with gifts from family. Mommy and daddy got him some new bibs. Bigger ones. He wont eat from a spoon often anymore so we needed the bibs with the food catcher. We tend to get him practical gifts for every occasion because we figure he isn't old enough yet to really get it and he enjoys the wrapping way more than any gift we give him. I guess this will probably change next year! Also, a couple weeks ago, Ryan's sister sent us a carload of toys her kids no longer play with and therefore our original Easter present idea of new toys - he seems bored with the old stuff - went out the window. Brendan wouldn't go down for a nap at all at our Sunday Easter Lunch with my family so inevitably this happened....I know I know...Valentine's bib!

On Saturday we went up to Muskoka to Ryan's parents place to celebrate with his family. The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed a bonfire outside in the afternoon and a lovely dinner. Ryan's sister brought bubbles up. Brendan really liked them and we enjoyed dying eggs with Ryan's nieces. We had some sleep issues here too.. both in the morning and afternoon Ryan or I had to take him out for a car ride to get him to go down for his nap. Guess it was all the commotion.

All in all...Easter was a hit with this little boy!

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