Sunday, April 5, 2009

11 Month Milestones

At 11 months, this is...Brendan

- Crawls all over the place really quickly
-Pulls himself to standing on just about anything. He even tries to push off the ground now when nothing is around.
- Cruises a bit hanging onto the sofa and other pieces of furniture
- Says "boo" quite often
- Loves to play peek-a-boo...likely the reason why he says "boo" so much
- Just sprouted his very FIRST tooth (bottom middle-right) without much fuss at all
- Stays entertained with a plastic beer mug for a loooooong time
- Pulls all the dvds/vhs off the shelves
- Loves the swing at the park and a rocking-horse type thing with a spring bottom
- Devours tofu and boiled potato with yogurt (instead of sour cream) while saying mmmm..mmmm...mmm repeatedly!

He is such a happy little boy :) I love him!


Tuco said...

You should post the "tofu / boiled potato / yoghurt" recipe! Sounds like a classic!
: )

Urban Environmentalist said...

Really no big recipe here... Just a mish mash of boiled potato with yoghurt and some BBQ tofu mixed in..kinda like a steak dinner for babies...only substitute the meat for tofu and the sour cream for yoghurt. But he really loves it!