Monday, February 1, 2016

January Re-Cap

A January Project - mid completion - reading nook!

I would be remiss if I didn't continue on with the trend of my monthly blog posts summarizing the month.

January was full of:

Sickness. Since December we've been battling non-stop sickness in our household. Friends invited us away for a weekend at a ski resort. At the last minute they couldn't make it due to a health issue but couldn't cancel on such short notice and told us to go without them anyway. We spent our family weekend away, all but one of us (the likely culprit who started the chain of sickness the weekend prior) battling a nasty stomach bug at different points throughout the weekend. There was only minimal time spent enjoying amenities. It was all sorts of terrible but on the plus side, I can check winter family vacation off our 2016 goals list.

Activity. Between skating once/week in addition to extra time gearing up for a competition at the end of the month (we won a medal!) and learning to snowboard, I was out at least 2-3 times/week doing fairly rigorous physical activity. I haven't been so active (nor felt so in shape) since I was in my early teens. I'm really loving it. 4 of us, minus a sweet baby, were also able to sneak away for an evening at the ski hill. So awesome! Can't wait until next year when we can get Noah on skis. Our oldest son has also been enjoying Improv lessons!

Relaxation. There was a bit of a lull at work which was so nice. We also made some library trips. I swapped off taking each of the older boys. I've been consistently reading before bed most nights. I'm a non-fiction lover for the most part but I'm trying to force myself to pick up some fiction too. At one point, I had a whole week without any evening commitments aside from one evening of snowboarding lessons and it was nice. We ate good healthy dinners and got to bed in good time.

Giving our home attention. We splurged and made a number of changes around our house. Moved furniture, bought some new furniture, sorted and hung pictures. This is going to be a priority in February too. Once the nice weather comes, our weekends are mostly spent away so winter is the perfect time to make changes at home.

Career development. I met another milestone on my path to certification in my field of work. I should be fully certified by this summer. I'm just waiting on confirmation of eligibility to write my final professional exam - hopefully this Spring. I was able to meet with my boss in early January to discuss 2016 work plan goals and professional development goals. This month I also got back into using LinkedIn which I hadn't really used much in the past and have been growing my connections there.

Competition dressing room selfie! Loving being involved in sports again! 

3 brothers fort building on a dreary winter day


Amanda said...

The reading book looks great, super cozy. I love your competition look! Lots of sickness here too - no fun! Though I am kind of strangely proud of myself for surviving a week with a sick baby and hubby.

Kristy said...

It is for sure coming along. I'm so happy we decided to invest in some chairs for the room. Previously it was just wasted space. It feels so weird to get all done up for a competition - so much make up (but fun!). Staving off sickness and dealing with a sick family is definitely something to be proud of! Hopefully you aren't next!