Monday, October 12, 2015


September was a big month for us around here:

We spent a totally relaxing Labour Day weekend up at the trailer in amazingly warm weather. Otherwise we didn't get up there much this month.

Two not so little boys went to school. One for the first time and totally loves it.

I took my first trip away from Noah and the longest I've been away from the others. One of my best girlfriends and I went to Chicago for five glorious days. Some highlights were: the Art Institute, a wine boat cruise, Cubs game at Wrigley Field, Blues Bar, Second City Comedy Show, 18km gangster history bike tour, and a free greeter tour with a local gal which was so fun. There wasn't a meal I ate that wasn't delicious. Such a beautiful city!

Skating started back up and I wasn't nearly as sore as after the first practice last year.

I took the boys to Doors Open, an annual free event where places that aren't normally open to the public open their doors. The site we visited was our local airport and military museum.


Happy October and Fall to all!


Amanda said...

Sounds like a wonderful month! Really glad to hear your boys are enjoying school - hopefully that continues!

I'd love to visit Chicago!

Kristy said...

Chicago was AMAZING! Highly recommend a trip!