Monday, August 18, 2014

A favourite fashion accessory

Remember when I blogged about my wardrobe returning to work? Well, September is coming up and I'll have to get a little more formal at work. I used to wear these a ton but forgot about them until recently:

I love a good broach. I think they totally class up an outfit and make it feel more formal. The green oval was my grandmothers. I prefer broaches to wearing other cheap accessories like necklaces and bracelets. I am extremely sensitive (especially ears) so don't tend to wear much jewellery since the inexpensive stuff sometimes causes an allergic reaction and I don't own very many more precious pieces. I've seen a lot of articles floating around lately about toxins in cheap jewellery. I like that even a cheap broach doesn't rest directly on your skin all day.

Do you have any tricks for upping the formality of an outfit/appearance?


Mo said...

so pretty! what a great idea to dress up even a basic tee or blouse that otherwise might not be office appropriate! What abut scarves, or hair clips instead of jewelry?

Kristy said...

Oooo never thought about hair clips! I don't own many scarves. I think because I have absolutely no clue how to tie them up so they look chic. Maybe it's worth finding some online tutorials!