Saturday, April 26, 2014

3 Weeks and a Snug Fit

We're just on the down swing from a growth spurt in the past couple of days. Noah was nursing non-stop all day and night. I was exhausted and feeling crummy.

We had our 2 week midwives appointment this week and Noah impressed by weighing in at almost 1lb over his birth weight. At 2 weeks they are generally happy if baby is back up to birth weight. His belly button also healed up this week much to the relief of his brothers who thought it was "yuck" every time they saw it.

This week is supposed to mark the halfway point for my recovery. Not sure I feel 50% normal yet. Side lying has just become tolerable rather than uncomfortable. Thank goodness since I've been nursing non-stop in bed. I'm also driving again! I was able to drive myself and Noah to our appointment alone with only mild discomfort. My digestive system slowly seems to be returning to normal too which is a huge relief (the things we take for granted - seriously). I've been off pain medication and stool softners for about a week and am feeling OK.

In other news... They all fit in the Prius and without having to buy new expensive "narrow" car seats. Success! The buckle is moderately tricky to do up in the middle where the booster is but we've worked around that by having B get in the car first before the bucket seat goes in so he can more easily navigate the buckle. It would be much easier with the forward facing seat in the middle but my Prius doesn't have an anchor for carseats in the middle so to have them safely installed, the seats that require anchors are on the outsides. Probably best not to have the sometimes fit-throwing toddler next to the baby anyway :)


Mo said...

Yay! love that they all fit back there, and look happy about it too! And yes, good call on the distance between the 2yo and nearly 3yo will be next to the baby, with the nearly 5yo in the back row of the van, and that makes me nervous, so I am seriously considering putting both older kids in the very back. Its just such a pain to climb all the way back there to still do up care seats (we bought the up to 65lb ones, so no booster for the oldest just yet)

Glad you are slowly feeling better too!

Stephanie Hayes said...

Pooping success!!! That is awesome. Glad you're on your way to good health! How do you guys like the Prius?

Kristy said...

Thanks Mo! Can oldest do up his own buckles? Might make things easier. Should be okay since there is some space in 2nd row between toddler and baby.

Stephanie, thanks! We love the Prius. Ours is an '09. Truthfully I think fuel efficiency might be very close to that of a Matrix or Yaris. Not sure it was worth the additional price tag but I like what it stands for!

Mo said...

it's still a 5 point harness system on the oldest, I'm sure he could do them up, but I'd still have to get back there to tighten it up