Saturday, June 29, 2013

Month 8: Debt Repayment Update

I should've called this post "the standstill". This month we made ZERO progress toward debt repayment. Basically just paid the interest. Sitting at:


There were so many additional things this month. Seemed like every other day we were paying for an additional expense. A few of these were:

- A friend's wedding (gift+gas for travel+haircuts)
- Teacher gift
- Inherited a canoe which needs some work (travel expenses, materials for patch work, paddles, etc.)
- Professional fees to the tune of $500
- Significant costs associated with our summer getaway. Usually these costs will be spread over the entire year.. this year, we could only spread them over 3 months (June, July, August).

That said, there were some small accomplishments. 

We have been doing a pretty good job of keeping the A/C off. Usually, I'll run the furnace fan for a couple hours to cool down the upstairs just before we go to bed at night. So far allergies haven't been too bad since the furnace fan filters the air. I've noticed that I actually don't feel as hot as I have in previous summers when we've always had the air cranked. There is something to say about acclimatization. 

We also reduced our house insurance policy. Having a century home in the past, we never questioned our house insurance when we moved since it was so much lower than it was with our previous house. After taking a closer look when our renewal came in the mail, I called our provider and got our policy amended to something we felt comfortable with both coverage-wise and price-wise. WIN.  

My contract also got extended until the end of this year which is a bit of a relief. On the flip side, my employer is unable to guarantee me work for the new year at this point. Either way I'm not stressing. 

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