Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Upping the Curb Appeal

Last summer we built a deck in our back yard.

I'm all about doing renovations where the kids won't beat them up..too badly. So we set out to give our exterior a little face lift. DH got to work as soon as I brought some materials home so I couldn't get a decent before shot but the first one is with just the doorbell and part of the numbering replaced.

The (somewhat) Before:

The After:

- Tarnished gold house numbers replaced ($18) - $6 a piece for stainless ones to match our door hardware
- Crappy door bell replaced ($8) - new one even has a "fancy" light up button
- 2 new outdoor light fixtures ($34) - noticed the price was higher for the black fixtures than the white at Home Depot and asked the guy and sure enough he marked them down for me
- Paint for front door, garage doors, and trim ($50). Had a couple brushes and a roller kicking around.

Sorry the photos are only of the front door. The garage looks great too but the front entrance really looks much better now.

Of course taking down the Christmas lights in April is something you can always do absolutely free and will greatly help in this department.

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