Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crafty procrastination

This week I've taken time off work to write a significant portion of my major research paper. Consequently, my house is cleaner than normal and I've been quite productive in all areas of life except for writing this darn paper.

Since B has been ripping through pants (literally), and most of his pants are used to begin with, this iron-on patch project was long overdue. Here is the before:

Total cost of patches was $9 from Walmart and about 10 minutes of life. I have a ton of patches left over but couldn't decide between the denim and regular patches so I bought both packages which I'm certain wont go to waste.

On a funny note, we don't iron anything in this house. A few months ago, B helped my mom iron some clothes at her house and asked if she'd buy us an iron for our house. Oh son... we actually do have an iron and though we don't use it to iron clothes, it does come in handy for fixing them!

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