Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little Christmas consumerism

Christmas is one of the only times we visit the shopping mall anymore and it isn't even to shop.. it's to see Santa. N was scared of Santa last year. This year we managed to get a decent photo of him. My littlest munchkin is not much a fan of the camera (or Santa). We attended two Christmas parties on the weekend and he cried both times when we took him and B up to recieve their gifts from Santa. He must have remembered that he was scared of Santa after seeing him at the mall. B is really getting the idea of Christmas this year. He watched the TV classic Rudolf yesterday. We sang some Christmas carols  together as he helped me make dinner tonight. They're practicing in his class for their Christmas Concert so he's learning all of the songs.

As for the Christmas shopping, I'm a little over half done which wasn't exactly where I had wanted to be right now but I'll forgive myself since I'm working tirelessly to finish my literature review to hand in very soon. On the plus side.. I am on target to meet the budget of $1000, even after blowing the budget I had set for the boys gifts. Mainly B. There were so many things I could get for him. He is after all a school age kid with lots of wants. N on the other hand needs very little since he plays with all of B's toys and wears a lot of hand me downs. He was quite difficult to buy for. I kept second guessing myself on whether he really needed the item or whether he would actually play with it.

Now to go cut the perfect tree this weekend!

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