Monday, November 12, 2012

Better Late than Never November Goals

I'm really needing some help, I think, to get through the rest of this month. It seems like Christmas is fast approaching which means I have a ton of school work, shopping, and social commitments all piling up. Writing my goals down seemed like a good idea. Here is what I am hoping to will accomplish by the end of November:

- Help out at two events as part of my volunteer affiliations
- Prepare annotated bibliography entries for half of my course readings/research
- Start my graduate assistantship work
- Get half of my Christmas shopping done
- Host a family birthday dinner for my mom
- Continue with regular debt repayments & stay out of the hole. Work has been slow this month for DH. We got the fall out from Hurricane Sandy so it rained for about 10 days straight which meant very few hours of work (I don’t think I could live in Vancouver – lack of sunshine really took a toll on me). Luckily he gets paid weekly and there are 5 Thursdays this month, which means an extra pay. 

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