Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nuturing Two Little Souls

Now that B is getting a little older and beginning to love and learn tremendously from new experiences - we try our hardest to diversify from the everyday schedule and let him try new experiences.

First was t-ball which they offered at the Montessori after the morning session. He "had a ball" playing. We also signed him up for soccer. Towards the end of the session, he told us that he didn't like soccer (we figure he was bored waiting around for kids to take their turn kicking the ball). Both my husband and I don't want to be those parents that forces their kids into pursuing activities they don't enjoy. We also don't want to "overschedule" our kids but at the same time, we want to be able to introduce them to new activities that they may really enjoy doing.We will not be registering him again for soccer unless he asks to go in the future. Instead... this Fall he will be going to a kindergym class - we'll see how it goes...maybe more his speed.

Since N has come along, I find myself conciously having to make an effort to focus attention on B's needs too since so much time is spent tending to the babe. In focusing on B's needs, N also gets to come along for the ride so it's a win-win. Here is a list of all the things we've been up to this summer so far:

- Playdates and many of them!

- Swimming in our 3ft deep "kiddie" pool in the backyard

- Water play in our water table

- Going to many playgrounds and splash pads

- Zoo trips

- A trip to the Science Centre

- Beach trips

- Birthday parties

- Fishing

- Swimming in the lake and jumping off the dock!

- Boat rides

- Tubing behind the boat (this was a daddy and B activity.. N didn't get to participate)

- Campfires

- Midieval Times (another daddy and B trip)

- A trip to Ontario Place..complete with GO Train ride

- Reading library books and rediscovering our own books

- Cruising the mall on rainy days and stopping for popcorn

- Hiking at local conservation areas

- Going for walks around the block with B on his scooter

- Playing lego together

B has also given up napping since N came along. He sometimes gets cranky around dinner time but no nap means no struggle at night to put him down and he goes around 7 instead of 9-10pm if he does nap. I'll take the crankiness!

I'd love to hear what others have been doing to busy themselves this summer with the little ones!

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Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Hi again! Thanks for checking in with my poor neglected blog AND commenting! We have been hiking....lots of hiking on the local North Vancouver mountains. And bike riding - Megan learned how to ride a two-wheeler, no training wheels this summer! And whiling away the last few months of my maternity leave with nice long afternoon naps (Emily) and time for reading and thinking (me). Oh and camping! But that was only three nights. Three LONG nights in a tent with two little kids:)