Saturday, July 24, 2010

Talking to Strangers

I came across the following retweet on Twitter this morning - a link to an article about encouraging your kids to talk to strangers rather than avoid them.

This immediately conjured up thoughts on a recent outing to the park my sister had with B. Long story short, my sister was chatting with another woman at the park and when it was time to leave, B marched over and gave the woman a hug. The woman proceeded to say "You should be careful who you hug".

I can't tell you how much this statement angered me. We try to teach B to befriend new children and people and to make his own judgement calls. Children are so naturally intuitive - chances are if mum is wary of another adult, the child will feel and mimick that wariness. We want him to know it is okay to trust other adults, especially those we deem as safe and subsequently engage in meaningful conversation with. I absolutely agree with this article.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Latest Food Discoveries and Good Reads

I must say this elimination diet was not the most enjoyable past couple months for the taste buds.

Some things I learned about myself:

- Peanuts (gassy, headaches, and mouth dryness)
- Dairy in all forms (mucous, stuffy nose, phlegm)
- Corn (significant eczema flair ups)
- Tomato (significant eczema flair ups)

I'm sure this list will keep growing..

Some good grocery discoveries:

  • Red Raspberry Spritzer - so delicious and refreshing
  • Lara Bars (Apple) - somewhat calorie dense and flavourful and virtually allergen free - vegan, GF, soy free etc.
  • Spelt Pasta
  • Silk French Vanilla Creamer
In other news, I've been DEVOURING books from the library by my work lately. In the past returning books on time has been a huge problem for me. Now with working so close and recieving e-mail notifications a couple days in advance I've only managed to have $1.50 in fines and they were on purpose - I was trying to finish a book because I couldn't renew it.

Latest good reads,

"You are Your Child's First Teacher" by Rahima Baldwin Dancy - great great parenting resource
"Living Simply With Children" by Marie Sherlock - also wonderful
"Geography of Hope" by Chris Turner - I saw this author give a talk at a work conference in Toronto I attended. He was absolutely amazing and inspiring. His book is sensational.