Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Latest Food Discoveries and Good Reads

I must say this elimination diet was not the most enjoyable past couple months for the taste buds.

Some things I learned about myself:

- Peanuts (gassy, headaches, and mouth dryness)
- Dairy in all forms (mucous, stuffy nose, phlegm)
- Corn (significant eczema flair ups)
- Tomato (significant eczema flair ups)

I'm sure this list will keep growing..

Some good grocery discoveries:

  • Red Raspberry Spritzer - so delicious and refreshing
  • Lara Bars (Apple) - somewhat calorie dense and flavourful and virtually allergen free - vegan, GF, soy free etc.
  • Spelt Pasta
  • Silk French Vanilla Creamer
In other news, I've been DEVOURING books from the library by my work lately. In the past returning books on time has been a huge problem for me. Now with working so close and recieving e-mail notifications a couple days in advance I've only managed to have $1.50 in fines and they were on purpose - I was trying to finish a book because I couldn't renew it.

Latest good reads,

"You are Your Child's First Teacher" by Rahima Baldwin Dancy - great great parenting resource
"Living Simply With Children" by Marie Sherlock - also wonderful
"Geography of Hope" by Chris Turner - I saw this author give a talk at a work conference in Toronto I attended. He was absolutely amazing and inspiring. His book is sensational.

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