Wednesday, August 11, 2010

As of Late

As of Late I have been reading non-stop in preparation for my academic year ahead. I've also been thinking a lot about organizing and planning to make things easier for the year. I'm notorious for piling a lot on my plate. For instance..this year I plan on.. taking my Masters Full-Time, Working 7 hours/week at the university as a Graduate Assistant for my funding, working 3 days/week at my part-time job, getting pregnant and spending as much extra time as possible with Brendan. All of this will require a ton of coordination, organization and planning. I have started looking into freezer meals. With my new diet, food has been rather challenging but it is that much more satisfying when I find a good recipe.

Even in the craziness I find solace, as always, in Ryan. He is the calm to my storm. I couldn't imagine a better friend, father and husband. This weekend we will celebrate our first anniversary. To celebrate we will go to dinner at an awesome Jazz Bar and go see a movie (pre-baby we went almost weekly to the theatre). We're also attending my cousin's stag n' doe in Hamilton.

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