Monday, January 25, 2010

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution???

The problem with making strong political statements and not practicing what you preach...

Tonight on my way home from my very first sewing class (YAY!) I saw a vehicle with two bumper stickers.. on the left it said "Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?" - this really got me thinking! - and on the right, "LIVE SIMPLY so others may simply live" I'm a big fan of both but found it extremely ironic that the person who made these statements was driving around in an older Chevy Venture van so although they were living simply I guess.. kinda.. by driving a used older car, they were also largely contributing to the problem cough cough gas guzzler/rediculously higher emissions.. unless of course this person was a vegan in which case they might as well be driving a Hummer to equal the amount of emissions of the average meat eater who drives a hybrid car.

In other words....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winds of Change

I snapped this photo one morning a couple weeks ago when I woke up early from a good sleep. This was one of the rare mornings where I don't wake up to a little voice calling out to me or whining to let me know he is awake and ready to play. Brendan was still fast asleep that morning and like other mornings of the sort I try my best to lay quietly and enjoy the peace. I cherish these moments. Just the way the sun was lighting the bedroom, shining through the big trees and the condensation building up on the old window was enough to put me in a state of complete and utter relaxation. I really appreciate the privilege of living in an older house in an older neighbourhood where all the houses look different and there are many large trees and deep private lots.

Lately I've been reading a lot on Feng Shui and have become fascinated with the concepts. This is something I would like to seriously take into consideration while continuing on with our huge renovation project which up until now has been at an almost stand still for over a year. I think I will make a commitment to doing one home improvement task/week.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Growing and Learning

While I have been having so much fun with Brendan staying home and watching him grow in leaps and bounds, I have still felt as though something has been missing...

At many points during my time as a stay at home mom I have felt an extreme loss of independence. Before Brendan came along I relished my time alone and loved keeping active and busy in a number of ways through my coursework, volunteering, etc. When Brendan was born I did what every mother does naturally and put life aside and took on my role as a mother 110% in that transition I lost a lot of what really made me independent and happy. When I was working on my undergraduate thesis I felt that independence come back. When I was working full-time last summer a small part of my "independence void" was filled but my "nurturing mother void" prevailed and I couldn't fathom working full-time and being a part-time mom.

Over the past few weeks I have realized that I really want to go back to school. I had always planned on going back to do a Masters but just didn't know when. As Brendan is learning new things everyday (see evidence below) my own personal growth and breadth of knowledge has been waning. I'm certain the answer to my fulfillment is to jump back into academia. This new endeavor will allow me to be more of a full-time mom and part-time student. I think this is my perfect balance. I have been working hard on my application for the Fall and hoping and praying that all the pieces fall into place. As for our baby plans... they are still in place even though I have decided to pursue this large venture. After much thought I felt that I didn't want to not take advantage of the opportunity to go back to school while I am in the right mindset. When I get pregnant I'll work out the details then but for I go! Oh...and I officially start sewing classes this month - YAY!

Learning how to walk the dog and LOVING it!

I taught him how to make snowangels. He thought it was great :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Perfect Holiday

Christmas eve was spent wrapping gifts and enjoying champagne and Christmas music after Brendan was in bed.

Christmas morning in this house was spent enjoying a hot cup of coffee and watching the wee one open a ton of gifts and try out each and every one before opening the next.

(Very proud of my Value Village find - the xmas table cloth, also the tree from our own christmas tree farm and the beautiful flowers on the table from my awesome husband since I was having a less than great week the week before Christmas. Not so proud of our old dining room windows in the background that need replacing but at the very least need a curtain to cover up the awfulness)

Then we went on a Christmas morning walk

Made Lentil Soup

Made Super Charge Me Cookies - found here and they were AMAZING

And to top it all off we ate some greasy chinese food!
New Years was spent with Ryan's family at his sister's house playing good old fashioned pond hockey. Unfortunately the ice was a little soft on top so no skating could be done. This is the 3rd year she has had a New Years Day event and it is quickly turning into a tradition. Lots of fun was had indeed!